Validations / Verifications

Cooking Validations

We also assist clients with shelf-life trails and shelf-life validation, organoleptic sensory analysis and ongoing verification.

Developing accurate finished product specifications containing the key information for the safe use and legal sale of the product, including but not limited to:

• ingredients, including the presence of allergens
• nutritional information
• preparation or cooking instructions
• storage instructions
• shelf-life/code information
• quantity

Where cooking instructions and time combinations are provided on back-of-back for consumers they shall be fully validated to ensure that, when the product is cooked or heated according to the instructions, a safe, ready-to-eat product is consistently produced.

BiaSolutions have our own dedicated and extensively equipped test kitchen to carry out independent validation and verification of cooking  and re-heating instructions. We can offer the manufacturer or retailer the assurance that the back of pack cooking instructions are easily understood by the consumer to achieve safe core temperatures using domestic cooking appliances, and that the product is of optimal sensory quality after heating.

Following testing, you will receive a report with a clear consumer-friendly cooking instruction and the supporting test data and methodology for your due-diligence requirements. We can also report on pre-cook and post-cook product weight and provide high quality photographs for product specifications.

We offer a full range of calibrated electric and gas thermal ovens, microwave oven, grill, hob, deep fat fryer, air fryer, slow and pressure cooker, defrost and in cook temperature measuring.

  • Verifications can be carried out in conjunction with microbiological and nutritional analysis.
  • Taste panel assessment of the final cooked product

Cleaning Validation / Verification

Cleaning procedures which form part of a defined prerequisite programme (i.e. procedures that are used to control a specific hazard such as allergen cross-contamination) must be validated to ensure they are effective and deliver the intended level of cleaning. BiaSolutions can carry out cleaning validation studies using rapid tests, ATP, lateral flow devices or laboratory microbiological and chemical testing to produce an independent cleaning validation report to confirm that the required standard of cleaning are being met in your food business operation.