BRC Preparation

Whether this is your company’s first BRC inspection or you are a BRC veteran, BiaSolutions can assist you in achieving a high level of compliance.

Having sat on both sides of the table as both an auditor and an auditee we have gained fluency and expertise in dealing with BRC. BiaSolutions can help to make the BRC auditing process flow smoothly and efficiently for your company by:

  • Ensuring your Quality Management System provides evidence of your Senior Management’s commitment to ensuring food safety across all levels of your business
  • Implementing a HACCP-based system relevant to your specific products and processes to manage all food safety risks
  • Ensuring that TACCP/VACCP are meeting the requirements of BRC
  • Carrying out ‘Gap’ audits to see if your systems are BRC  ready
  • Mentoring and coaching staff in preparing for the audit day and audit protocol
  • Support during the BRC audit
  • Closing out any issues of non-conformance to root cause level