9.Correct Hygiene Practice if Suffering From Ailments, that May Impact Food Safety.

You must report to your manager:

  • if you are suffering from the any ailments such as Vomiting or diarrhoea.
  • Including, If you are absent from work due to ailments which can impact food safety.
  • Anyone living in your house is suffering from ailments as above.
  • If you are suffering from particular ailments such as vomiting or diarrhoea you must not handle food until 48hours after symptoms have cleared.

Food safety is everyone responsibility

Food poisoning & micro-organisms-

Food Poisoning occurs when food has pathogenic growth present in large concentrations.

  • Common causes of Food Poisoning
  • 1- Preparation of food to far in advance.
  • 2- Storing Raw food in the danger zone.
  • 3- Incorrect Cooling of food.
  • 4- Incorrect Re-heating of food.
  • 5- Contamination of food.
  • Temperature abuse of High risk Foods ( such as meats and dairy)  causes increased risk of food poisoning.