4.Safe Food Handling.

HACCP- Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.

Provision to handle food as little as possible- the use of utensils reduces direct contact with food handlers.

Provision for zoning should be evident- separation of cooked and RTE foods from Raw foodstuff    E.g., Using correct HACCP colour coded system when appropriate reduces indirect contamination.


Critical limits defines acceptability from unacceptability- How to ensure food  is kept out of the danger zone ?

Frozen food shall be below -18 degrees,  GMP recommends -26 degrees Celsius.

Cooked food  shall be 75 degrees Celsius instantaneously or 70 degrees Celsius over 2 minutes .

Cooked food must only be reheated once and must reach 70 degrees Celsius instantaneously.

Hot holding of food shall reach 63 degrees Celsius- high risk foods shall be held for a maximum of 2 hours.